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About Me

Adrian (Ade) Summers

Expedition Leader, Mountain Guide, Trekking Guide, Sea Kayaking Guide,

Mountain Biking Guide, Tour Guide, Photographer, Traveller and Adventure Travel Tourism Consultant and Trainer..




Expedition Leader, Mountain Guide, Trekking Guide, Sea Kayaking Guide, Mountain Biking Guide, Tour Guide, Photographer, Traveller and Adventure Travel Tourism Consultant and Trainer.

I was born and grew up in Wales but now calls Australia home. As a freelance guide I work for a number of leading adventure travel companies. Mainly British, but also Australian and American. When I am not working or pursuing my own interests. I live in Sydney where I enjoy canyoning, sea kayaking and the Sydney lifestyle. I am a very keen photographer and enjoy giving slide shows and talks.

I have Climbed, Trekked, Traveled on all 7 continents.


  • Expedition Leader for first commercial trek in many years the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan. 
    Now 6 expeditions to the Wakhan.

  • Expedition Leader for first commercial Climb of Mount Halgort in Iraqi Kurdistan.

  • 14 Month overland trip from Cardiff (Wales) to Sydney (Australia) without flying.
  • Trekking the Frozen Zanskar river. "The Chadar Trek"
  • Summiting Aconcagua twice back to back



  • Leading the first successful summit of Mukot Peak in Dolpo Nepal.

  • Working as a mountain guide and working in the new and developing travel industry in Mongolia

  • Working in Northern Pakistan with awesome mountains and fantastic people
  • Just being in the mountains, especially the Himalayas, Karakorum and Hindu Kush.
  • Training local leaders in Mongolia, Pakistan, India and Nepal.


  • Climbed, Trekked and Traveled on all 7 Continents

  • Leading a charity trek of Welsh and US musicians to Everest BC and a concert on Kala Pattar and Durbar Square. Leading a second trek in 2012.
  • Doing Slide shows and talks to raise money for a street kids centre in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.
  • Climbing in Antarctica.
  • Being Vote Leader of the year 2012 for leading UK adventure company KE Adventure


Mountaineering Expeditions Lead


  • Mera Peak climb 16 times & 13 summits.
  • Mera, Amphu Labsta Island Peak 4 times
  • Island peak 6 times
  • Ramdung & Parchemo
  • Khumbu 3 Peaks 2 times
  • Chulu East and Far East 3 times
  • Tent Peak (Thurpa Chuli) x 2 
  • Naya Kanga (Ganjala Chuli)
  • Nirekha Peak 6183m
  • Tabsar Peak Tsum Valley
  • Mera to Rolwaling Transerve. 3 x 6000m peaks and 6 5000m Passes
  • Mukot Peak Dolpo


  • Khutien 16 times 11 summits
  • Naradal and Mulchin many times
  • Snow Church
  • Kharahara 2 times

  • Mount Ras Deshan


  • Gondogoro La 7 times
  • Snow Lake Hispar La 3 times
  • Grand Karakorum Transverse – Hushe to Hunza
  • Spantik
  • Workman’s Peak


  • Huayna Potosi
  • Bolivia Climber
    • Pequeño Alpamayo
    • Huayna Potosi
    • Illimani
  • Acontanga


  • Aconcagua 2 times back to back

    Kurdistan Iraq

  • Halgurt. Highest Peak, and first commerical group Summit



  • Stok Khangri  - Ladakh x3
  • Yalung Nong  - Ladakh x2
  • Kalinda Khal - Garwhal x2
  • Trekking the Frozen Zanskar river. "The Chadar Trek" x3
  • Panpati Col  - Garwhala
  • Antarctica (as a client)

  • 3 Virgin peaks on the Peninsula
  • A few ice burgs


  • Mount Stanley and Baker



  • Jebel Toukal 5 times


  • Peak Lenin (No Summit)

Trekking Trips Lead


  • Everest BC multiple times, various combinations of passes (cho la, Renjo la etc)
  • Dhalagiri Circuit (French and Dampus Passes) 5 times
  • Khanchenjunga x3
  • Naa Phu Valleys
  • Dolpo Circuit 
  • Dolpo to Jomson x 3
  • Annapurnna Circuit (various combination (including Annapurnna sanctuary)
  • Upper Mustang
  • Upper Dolpo to Jomson x 4
  • Rowaling
  • Naar – Mustang via Teri La x2
  • Makalu BC
  • Rupina La, Tsum Valley, Manasulu Circuit
  • Tsum Valley
  • Annapurna BC and Mardi Himal
  • Manasulu Circuit
  • Number of Charity treks (see below for www links)
  • Lower Dolpo to Jomson via Mu la, Reccie.


  • Everest BC north side

Middle East

  • Oman - Jabal Akhdar region


  • K2 BC 7 times
  • Many Small Treks around Hunza Shimshal, Chitral.
  • Pokora and Asumbar Pass Reccie trek in Iskomen Valley.


  • Chomolhari Trek via the Yale La
  • Chomolhari Trek via Bonte la
  • Laya Trek



  • Atlas Mountains Treks 6 trips

    Central Asia

  • Treks in the Pamirs of Tajikistan


  • The John Muir Trail


  • Altai Tavan Bogd
  • Kharahira mountains
  • Hovsgol Lake

  • Fann Mountains x 5


  • Lut Desert


  • Markhal Valley – Ladakh
  • Zankar Valley Trek and Raft – Ladakh
  • Dharamsala



  • Wakhan Corridor x 7



  • Simian Mountains



  • Cordillera Real Traverse x 4


  • GR 20

    Central Asia

  • Treks in the Tien Shan in China and Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan


  • Rwenzowri


  • Choquequirao Trek and Machu Picchu



Other General Travel Trips

Independent Trips

  • Overland from Wales (UK) to Sydney Aus without flying 1995
  • Overland back to Aus from Pakistan to Singapore
  • Overland from Singapore to Wales (UK) 1999
  • Multiple independent trips to over 75 countries. Mainly Asia, Middle East and Africa

Tour Guiding Trips

  • Central Asia Action Adventure
  • Silk Road Odyssey
  • Sea Kayaking Trips in Thailand
  • Sea Kayaking trips is Sydney Aus.
  • Tibet Tour
  • MTB Trips to Mymamar(Burma)
  • MTB Trips to Mongolia
  • MTB Trips to Cambodia
  • Gobi Desert Adventure
  • Many Tours in Mongolia
  • Mountain Biking and Sea Kayaking in Thailand
  • Sea Kayaking in the Gulf Island BC Canada
  • Loas - Cycling Kayak Tour


  • Multiple SE Asia sea kayaking, climbing and travel
  • Mongolia China and Central Asia Travel
  • West and North Africa travel trips
  • Middle East trekking climbing and travel
  • Europe – Inter-rail around West and Eastern Europe before the Berlin wall came down

Outdoor / Travel Industry Work Experience


  • Local Mountain and Trekking Guide in Western Mongolia
  • Operations Manager for local adventure company


  • Mountain Designs – Outdoor Retail
  • Sea Kayaking Guide
  • Canyon Leader for friends and outdoor clubs

The World

  • Freelance Guide / Expedition Leader
  • Adventure travel consultant for a number of adventure travel companies.
  • Training for local leaders in Mongolia, Nepal, India and Pakistan.


My Websites

Companies I work for websites

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Outdoor Training and Qualifications

February 2016 Wilderness First Aid Certificate
March 2012 Wilderness First Aid Certificate

June 2009 Wilderness First Aid Certificate 
January 2009 Senior first Aid and Remote First Aid Certificate - Saint Johns Ambulance 
February 2006 Senior first Aid and Remote First Aid Certificate - Saint Johns Ambulance 
February 2004 Outdoor Mountain Leaders Course – Certificate IV TAFE South Australia 
February 2004 Australian School of Mountaineering - Canyoning leadership & Improvised Rope Rescue
June 2003 Outdoor Recreation Leaders Course – Certificate IV TAFE South Australia
May 2003 Flat Water Guide - Canoe Australia - Ocean Planet 
May 2003 senior first Aid and Remote First Aid Certificate - Saint Johns Ambulance 
November 2002 Australian School of Mountaineering - Improvised Rope Rescue Techniques 
January 2002 Ocean Planet - Level 3 Sea kayak Skills 
September 2001 Ocean Planet - Level 2 Sea kayak Skills 
June 2001 Ocean Planet - Level 1 Sea kayak Skills 
February 2001 Australian School of Mountaineering - Canyoning leadership. 


1986 - 1990
Thames Polytechnic (Greenwich University)
BSc(Hons) Computers & Communication Systems (2:2)
London UK 

1985 - 1986
Gwent College of Higher Education
BEng Instrumentation Systems Engineering 
Newport, Wales, UK 




Tim Nicholl

KE Adventue Travel
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Roland Hunter

The Mountain Company
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Tom Bodkin

Secret Compass
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CV Updated 27th November 2017