Ade Returns to Australia

RETURN 2 AUS 97 map

I Left Australia on the 8th May with very mixed emotions, but had to leave because my visa ran out on that day. The main comfort was that I had applied for Aussie residence before I left....

Had a great time at Home and I was called for my medical for Aussie Residence. That meant I was accepted into Aus, as long as I had a criminal record and enough alcohol in my bloody. No worries. I decided to travel more before return to Aus and maybe settle down a bit ? So on the 12th August 1997 I left the UK again for a return Trip......

Here are some of the sights on my "Return Trip to Aus". You can either view specific pages of specific countries, or follow my route my going onto the next page… Click here. To start.

Hope you enjoy it.... Ade Summers The Nomadic Welshman. And always remember...........

Live Life ... Don't Dream It

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